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The idea of founding a transport company was not just coincidence. My attitude and relationship to trucks has always been supported by my father and grandfather who were active in this profession since my childhood.
After working behind the wheel all over Europe, I took advatage of a career working as a dispatcher. This allowed me to become independent after a few years.

The company S.I.T.S. Zlín, spol s r. o. was founded in April 2008. Hereby my own conception of management and development of the company was brought into practice. I am not a supporter of standard set up procedures and methods, therefore our company focused on light oversize transport. The transport technology and experience gradually expanded to the widest and highest load. We specialize in the transport of oversized residential containers and mobile homes; also heavy farm machinery, metallurgical materials, construction and others.

The vehicle fleet is permanently being changed, 100% of vehicles have emission class EURO 6. My favourite brand is SCANIA but we also own several trucks MAN. Regarding the trailer equipment brands SCHMITZ and SVAN have to be mentioned.

The primary task of the company is our customer’s satisfaction through the quality of our services, which is why my staffing requirements are high. I try to keep and educate good employees at all positions, but I also make sure that they are evaluated well. I believe that if you do what you know and you do it properly, it must simply be seen. But with that you also need staff of good quality.

And what to say in conclusion? I just love this job!

Jiří Svoboda
Managing Director